Joann Bliss

Joann Bliss, RN, BSN

Nazareth Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

I was admitted on Wednesday June 4th to room 272. Joann has been my nurse in the daytime. She is a remarkable nurse in all facets of her duties. Joann is so caring, considerate and knowledgeable in her duties as a nurse. Nothing is ever too much to handle. She always explains what she is doing and why. Everyone who has taken care of me has treated me like a queen. I'm glad that I decided to come to this hospital instead of the other one in this area. If I ever have to be hospitalized again, I will no doubt come here where I am treated like a human being. I never had to ask Joann for anything, she was on point with everything. I know there is a lot of great staff here, but Joann was my nurse and if anyone deserves this award it is Joann!!!