Jo Wideman

Jo Wideman, RN

Providence Hospitals (SC)
Columbia, South Carolina
United States

Jo Wideman displays more compassion than any nurse I know. She cares for her patients as if they are her own family. As a night shift nurse, Jo Wideman spends a great amount of quality time at the bedside where she takes care of the patient's every need. She gives them a bed bath that would rival any expensive spa treatment. She is detail oriented and will wash their hair, clean their nails and give them a shave. Her treatments not only gives the patient the appearance of a make-over, they make the patient feel human again amidst the tubes, drains, incisions and dressings often found in the critical care setting. The very lost art of patient touch and listening are two of Jo's strengths. Besides being consistently praised by her patients, Jo has been a part of the clinical expertise on the night shift. She has oriented so many of our nurses and continues to mentor them long after their orientation is over. She has contributed to the retention and stability of our staff.

Jo is not only a resource for ICU. Often at night she is called upon to assist other departments with iv insertion, troubleshooting problems and patient situations that skill and expertise is needed. Jo was an integral part of the night shift covered dish being started. She is positive, upbeat and contributes to the team spirit that the night shift displays. I'm nominating Jo because she is one of the people always in the background and supporting roles that are under appreciated and under recognized. She is a very strong clinically skilled nurse that combines compassion in her patient care. I think our very first DAISY award should go to Jo because it would set the bar very high for those that would follow after her.

The DAISY Award in its inception was meant to recognize kindness, compassion and consistent excellent care. Jo has chosen to stay at the bedside to deliver this care because it is more than her job, it's her calling. When ICU patients and their families think of the mission of Providence Hospital being fulfilled it is because of nurses like JO Wideman.