Jimmi Amick

Jimmi Amick

Jimmi Amick, RN

Children's of Alabama
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

Today was Thanksgiving and the day my son turned seven months old and I could not think of a better thing to do, as I sat there with my baby asleep on my lap, than to explain who I would like to nominate for the DAISY Award and why. My baby was born at 23 weeks gestation weighing only 1 lb. 8 oz. At three days old my baby was transferred to the NICU here at Children's because he developed a condition in which he needed a procedure or two. This was the beginning of a long journey that my son and I are still on. However, this is not about me or my son but about a wonderful nurse named Jimmi Amick. Little did I know as I walked into room 608, to the tinniest baby I had ever seen, my baby, so small he was placed into a lab bag to help keep him warm, that I would be meeting a nurse so caring, so giving, so dedicated, so thoughtful and so determined to do all she could to make sure that my baby boy received the best care imaginable.

Last night as I thought about what I could tell you all, whoever you are who will choose the recipient of this award, I was filled with so much emotion. There have been so many days, as one could imagine, in our ongoing seven month stay here in the NICU that I didn't know what to write so that you would understand how much a nurse like Jimmi has become family and a person who deserves to be awarded an honor such as this.

Should I write about the endless hours that Jimmi did more than required of her? Like the time she made a list, typed and decorated I might add, of all the things that would help my sometimes very hard to handle, sweet angel. Or should I outline the dozens of times she has explained in more detail the changes made during rounds and even answering questions I had no idea I had. For example, the doctors were thinking about putting him on a powerful drug long term. I had totally missed it or something but Jimmi, like she almost always does, came back in and said "did you understand rounds today?" and went on to give me the details of everything that was mentioned. Or maybe I could write about the time she was caring enough to leave a note for me, a simple note reading "Hi mom, my O2 was at 52%, the lowest it's been in months." If anyone of you has ever had to stay in the hospital for a long time then you will understand how important little things, like a hand written note, are especially when progress is slow. That had been such a stressful time and note brought me so much peace. I still have that note and when I get down hearted I get it out, reread it and it helps me stay hopeful.

No, I don't have one single event that demonstrates why Jimmi Amick deserves this award. I have seven months worth. Jimmi had been an advocate for my son, always considering his needs, always listening to my concerns and taking action when no one else would and always being a catalyst for healing him. She is a blessing and there is no one more deserving of an award honoring the compassion and excellent care of a nurse to her patients on a daily basis, than Jimmi Amick in the NICU.