Jill Koepke

Jill Koepke

Jill Koepke, RN

Cardiac Progressive Care Unit
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Tallahassee, Florida
United States

Jill Koepke RN took care of B in room 3321 for the entire weekend. B was admitted with altered mental status and atrial fib from rehab. She had received in report that he was combative and required continuous restraints. Two weeks prior to his admission, B was living at home with his wife and taking care of himself, but when she met him he was confused and unable to complete his ADL's. He had a modified video study and was found to aspirate thin liquids, so he was on a pureed, nectar thick diet.

On Friday he was able to feed himself and he talked extensively about his career as an Air Force pilot in WWII. His wife and his son spent time in the room and she was able to piece together more of his history as an appliance salesman and an accountant. Her care was truly patient and family centered.

By Saturday, B was unable to feed himself and he was experiencing severe insomnia and delirium, but he remained sweet and kind when Jill was caring for him. She fed him every meal on Saturday and Sunday and tried to connect with him by playing music for him and singing to him while feeding him. Sometimes he would sing back, or make audible grunting noises and smile.

During one of the meals, B looked at Jill and said, "I'm the only one eating here, we should be eating together." He was so generous and kind. Sunday evening, while she was feeding him, another nurse Ashley came in and they were singing with him and "dancing," or waving our hands in the air, and B, although bound to his bed, began shaking his shoulders and got the biggest smile on his face. They really made a connection and helped to make his stay as positive as possible.

When Jill returned the next weekend, B had passed away peacefully the night before. Jill stated she found it to be rejuvenating and powerful to care for B and was deeply impressed with his kindness and his loving nature. She sent the wife a very special card.

Jill is kind and caring and tries to find joy in her work everyday.