Jill Conklin

Jill Conklin, BSN

Emergency Room
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York
United States

Jill was nominated by a family whose daughter was treated in the Emergency room. The child was having elimination issues and did not want to come to the ER but finally was in such pain there was no choice but to visit the ER. The mother stated they were met in the ER by Jill and stated that she respected her daughter's privacy and treated her with dignity. She felt Jill had the most sensitive of natures and was very reassuring to her daughter. She met her emotional and physical needs without making her daughter feel self conscious. The ER was very busy and there were patients everywhere but Jill checked on her daughter every 15 min. Her daughter was very embarrassed and had to use the restroom frequently so Jill placed an out of order sign on the rest room door so no one would disturb her. Her caring nature and sensitivity moved the mother to tears. She stated Jill is the most caring and considerate individual she has ever met and went above and beyond in caring for her daughter. They will be forever grateful!