Jill Carlson

Jill Carlson

Jill Carlson, RN

Woman and Infants
Nebraska Medicine -Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska
United States
She truly listened to our story. My husband and I both connected with Jill and were so happy that she was a constant throughout the night.

My husband and I went to my 37-week appointment with Dr. L. Much to our surprise, we were told that we needed to return to the hospital that night for an induction due to my borderline blood pressure. Upon hearing the news, I went from laughing and joking around to tearful, scared, and overwhelmed. Our mentality from the beginning was whatever we need to do to keep both baby and me safe. We agreed upon a time to return that night and immediately started working on arrangements for our son. After what was very exciting but a short 2 hours of getting everything ready and dropping our son off with grandparents, we returned to Nebraska Medicine and made our way to the 4th floor.

All of the interactions my husband and I, as well as our families, had with staff members (nurses, doctors, techs, food services, EVS, etc.) were extremely positive. Our Labor and Delivery night nurse, Jill, exemplifies extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care.

When Jill arrived, I had been checked in, and IV fluids were running. Jill introduced herself and I immediately felt safe in her hands. The afternoon and evening had already felt like a whirlwind but Jill was never rushed or hurried, she was always calm and collected. Jill explained every procedure and medication before they happened; I felt like there were no surprises.

The thing that stood out to us most was when Jill sat down at the bedside and simply talked with us. She truly listened to our story and the long road that it had been to get to that point of having our baby girl after two miscarriages and fertility treatments. My husband and I both connected with Jill and were so happy that she was a constant throughout the night.

The second thing that stood out to us was when Jill sat down again at the bedside and even though we had been through this before – she talked and explained each stage of labor and what to expect. This was the best "refresher course" and calmed my nerves, which Jill knew I needed.

Jill was extremely prepared from the time I was ready for an epidural to ensuring the room was ready prior to delivery (which was a good thing because I progressed quickly). Jill was just as excited as we were when our baby girl was born and I was so impressed with how supportive she was about breastfeeding soon after birth as baby girl was rooting like crazy. After skin to skin time and checking over the baby, Jill knew we were overjoyed but ready for sleep. She made the beds for us in our postpartum room and helped us get settled.

It is easy to see through her work and interactions with others that Jill enjoys being a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Jill was easy to relate to and talk to. Her caring, concern, and compassion shined through the entire night. Thank you Jill for all you do. You are an amazing nurse.