Jill Camargo

Jill Camargo

Jill Camargo, RN, ADN

Surgical Progressive Care Unit (SPCU)
AdventHealth Winter Park
Winter Park, Florida
United States
Jill is a great leader, motivator, and mentor, and uses her role to help to teach/guide our patients as well.

I have been working with Jill for over 3 years. She always amazes me with the level of compassion and care she has towards her patients, staff who works with her, and anyone who comes across her in general. She exemplifies the profession of nursing by her deep commitment to it. Jill always leads by example and acts as a role model to the entire staff in the department including myself.

Jill starts her day of work by taking warm washcloths to every patient room and offering to wash their faces and brush their teeth so that they can start their day fresh. By doing so, she inspires our staff to do their best in providing the same compassionate care to our patients and families and to treat them with deep humanity. Jill expects nothing by doing this every morning in between her busy nurse leader schedule and in fact, she enjoys this selfless act which in turn uplifts our patients' spirits.

Jill is a great leader, motivator, and mentor, and uses her role to help to teach/guide our patients as well. This is well evidenced by a letter I received recently from one of our house supervisors:

"I wanted to pass along some wonderful compliments I received yesterday about the SPCU staff and one nurse in particular. I spoke with T who is a nurse on our NICU unit and whose mother was a patient recently on your unit. She stated that her mother had abdominal surgery and was to be discharged with a wound vac.

T told me that every nurse took wonderful care of her mother throughout her stay, they were very respectful and attentive to her needs, but that Jill went over and above. T stated that Jill spent several hours with the patient educating her on how to care for her wound and use the wound vac as well as how to care for herself post-discharge. She said that Jill really made her mom feel like she was her only concern and she felt well prepared to go home. T stated that her mother could not say enough about the wonderful care she received and that she has been telling all her friends about how well she was treated at our facility."

Jill helped to shape our current unit by exceptional leadership skills, positive attitude, commitment towards teamwork, enhancing mutual respect, encouraging critical thinking, creating an environment of trust and motivating staff to provide supreme clinical care to the patients in need. She treats her co-workers like family and takes good care of them. She brings breakfast items almost every day for our staff to ensure everyone has something to eat during their busy morning routine. Jill will always have something to keep our staff's hunger away (mostly chocolates throughout the day) so that they can keep caring for our patients. She stocks our staff restroom with personal supplies (doing that for years) for staff just like a big sister or mother do in a house.

Jill's clinical knowledge and professionalism are excellent and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients while they are here for our care. I am extremely proud and privileged to work with an extraordinary nurse like Jill who uplifts the spirits of our patients and inspires other nurses to aspire. She truly lives our service standards of "Keep me safe, love me, own it and make it easy."