Jetta Avance

Jetta Avance

Jetta Avance, RN

Ambulatory Care
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
Texarkana, Texas
United States
Jetta extended great compassion to me in regard to my personal needs.

Jetta was my nurse in the surgery department at CHRISTUS St. Michael Texarkana. She demonstrated outstanding professional skill as well as compassion for my personal and emotional needs. As part of the preparation for surgery, I needed two IV lines inserted. Historically, I have had a very difficult time with IVs. They are so difficult to insert on me that I have actually passed out during the process. Nurse Avance spent more time examining possible veins and preparing the selected ones that both were successfully inserted on the first attempt. Her skill was evident throughout the entire process. She consistently followed protocol and explained all preparations.

Jetta extended great compassion to me in regard to my personal needs. I suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome and have a low body temperature. As a result, I get cold quickly and my extremities lose circulation. I have suffered during previous surgeries or visits to the emergency room and at most received a blanket as comfort. Nurse Avance was compassionate and dedicated to keeping me warm until I left for surgery. She brought me four blankets from the warmer and didn't just cover me but took time to tuck the blankets around me to prevent heat from escaping. She provided socks and let me wear gloves. For the first time, I entered the surgical room without shivering.

Most importantly, Jetta attended to my spiritual and emotional needs as I prepared for surgery. She talked with me and we shared stories about family and things important to us. Our conversation made me very thankful for my life. I left for surgery with a happy heart and a positive outlook. Jetta Avance exhibited professional skill and great compassion. She connected with me as a patient and helped me through a difficult time.