Jessie Boldt

Jessie Boldt, RN

Day Surgery
Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
United States

Pictured (left to right)
Kelly Niewolny, RN; Renae Grahn, Director of Surgery; Jessie Boldt, RN

“Jessie Boldt did a great job! I was so nervous when I got there, and she totally took my mind off of it. She is such a great individual. I also had her when my son had tubes put in his ears, and she was great with him as well. Jessie definitely is very good at what she does. All of my nurses and personnel were great, but she really stuck out in my mind. Aurora should feel honored to have such a wonderful woman working for them. As always, another memorable stay at Memorial hospital, but this time it was thanks to this caregiver!”