Jessica Yenne

Jessica Yenne, BSN, RN, CCRN

St. Mary's Medical Center - Evansville
Evansville, Indiana
United States

...Jessica exemplified the St. Mary's Experience. My mother has 3 daughters and while she was ill we took turns staying at her bedside. Jessica treated each of us as if we were her patient as well. She answered our questions, made us comfortable, and included us in our mother's care. She treated our mother and us with dignity and respect. She helped us through a terrifying situation by expressing kind words and providing excellent care to our mother. She laughed with us and she cried with us.

When she learned that my mother was a huge Elvis Presley fan, she played Elvis music for my mother while she gave her a bath, then left her phone in the room so mom could continue to listen for as long as she liked. She would rub my mom's feet and back with lotion every night. Mom complained that her fingernails looked horrible and she needed a manicure, so Jessica painted her fingernails and toe nails for her.

Jessica treated my mother with the most dignity and respect that anyone could, and we will never be able to adequately express our gratitude to her for everything that she did. She was always positive and encouraging, doing the right thing for mom, making her comfortable when she wanted to rest and sitting and chatting when she wanted to talk. (There really wasn't much talking because mom was intubated for most of her ICU visit, but she and Jessica managed to communicate very well.) Our entire family has grown to love her as if she were one of our own.

Jessica is truly a role model and an exceptional nurse and provides a true picture of what the St. Mary's experience should be throughout the entire hospital.