Jessica Clark
December 2018
Jessica N.
Ortho, Spine, Neuro
United States




Jessica has a great sense of humor. She was able to make me laugh even when I felt my worst. She responded to every request, no matter how small, with urgency and respect.

My IV machine was constantly alarming. I would page her and when she came to see why I pushed the call button, she would bypass the button that lets the nurse station know someone responded and she would come directly over to find out what was wrong. She said she does that because she never wanted to turn off the alarm only to discover she needed another person to help respond to a situation. That is just an example of how thoughtful she is. I really appreciate everything she did for me.


Jessica always goes above and beyond when caring for her patients. I have been so lucky to have her as my Preceptor for the Nurse Tech program. She is so patient and helpful to everyone she interacts with. Her main focuses are patient safety and connecting with each patient in some way.

I hope to become a great nurse like Jessica one day. When discharging patients, they all say how wonderful it was to have her as their nurse and that they wish Jessica could go home with them and continue to give them excellent care.

Jessica is also a wonderful Charge Nurse. She is so helpful to all staff and is great in tough situations.