Jessica Hawley

Jessica Hawley, RN

Labor and Delivery
BSA Hospital
Amarillo, Texas
United States
Jessica asked if she could pray with me, that was the best thing she could have done with me. She said the most beautiful prayer I think I've ever heard.

I came to the hospital because I wasn't feeling my baby move. I was here before with preterm contractions and Jessica was my nurse then, she did such a wonderful job explaining things and teaching me stuff to help me and my baby. So I was super excited to have her again, she got me back to a room and got me hooked up to the monitors, and I got to hear my baby's heartbeat. It was such a relief to hear, and Jessica was very comforting throughout the whole process. She explained that she was going to watch us for a bit just to make sure he was okay. She left the room for a few seconds and came back and said that she wanted to try a few things to wake my son up. She buzzed my belly with a vibrating thing, she stared at the monitor, then told us that he was probably just sleeping but she wanted to wake him up to be sure. She tried stimulating him in another way, however, he didn't respond on the monitor. Jessica explained that babies have sleep cycles but that he just wasn't acting like a happy baby. She then put me on oxygen and he perked up for a few seconds then was back to being a flat line on the monitor. Jessica told us that we might need to have a baby today and told us that she's not the doctor but that we might need to think about it. She left the room again, and came back after a few minutes and started prepping me for a C-section. She told us that she hadn't heard back from the doctor, but she wanted to be ready because she felt that this needed to happen. From that moment on, our lives were changed forever. The doctor came to talk with my husband and I and told us that he felt safe taking the baby as far along as I was but we could probably wait, but he said he felt like we needed to take him.

In the OR, Jessica held my shoulders when they gave me the spinal block and just talked sweetly to me, you can feel the compassion in her voice and in her touch. Things were moving very quickly at this point, my doctor said, "Baby out" the whole room was silent. Nothing. No talking from any of the staff, no baby crying, nothing. I tried my best to stay calm, I finally asked why my son wasn't crying, my husband told me that a lot of people were working on him. Jessica came over and told my husband, that he shouldn't take any pictures right now. Time felt like it was going so slowly. A few minutes later Jessica came back and told me that my son wasn't breathing very well and that they were going to intubate him. After that, they rushed my baby to NICU and my husband followed. Jessica stayed with me the whole time. I was trying my best to stay calm and pray because that was the best thing I could do.

Once in recovery, Jessica held my hand when I finally broke down. This was the scariest time in my life and I had no clue what was happening. Jessica asked if she could pray with me, that was the best thing she could have done with me. She said the most beautiful prayer I think I've ever heard. It was so heartfelt and kind. We both said amen and I looked at her, she was crying with me. My son was born that night and when I was able to go see him close to 2130, Jessica was just leaving the NICU from finishing her paperwork. I know through all of this she was doing her job, but if she hadn't been so attentive to what was happening and been so quick to react, my son wouldn't have made it.

Jessica showed such compassion, she helped me feel as good as I could in such a scary time. She showed so much kindness and compassion towards my family and I. I am forever grateful that she was working that day. She went above and beyond to save my son and help me through the whole thing. My son was in the NICU for 32 days, Jessica checked in on us often, she continued to make us feel special even after I was discharged. She is the BSA Way. ​