Jessica Harshbarger

Jessica Harshbarger

Jessica Harshbarger, RN

Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital
Geneva, Illinois
United States

We had a 33-year-old male who is severely autistic and can be quite agitated when he is anxious. Being that he is 6'5" and 230+lbs, he can be a handful at times.

Apparently, the patient was so afraid about coming to Delnor for the surgery that his mom had to call the police to help her get him in the car. The police, fortunately, called our security officer. He then immediately called me so we had a heads up and could plan on how to manage the patient. He told me if we needed anything to call security for help. Being this was a later case on a Friday night, there was not much staff left. Security was willing to come in PACU and just be there when the patient woke up. I think this is a great example of how Security is willing to help us keep not only our patients safe but the staff. Their presence and support were so appreciated by my staff.

The admitting nurses (Donnie and Jill) did a fantastic job just making him feel comfortable and keep him very calm. Jessica (OR CSC) not only went down to get a bear but ran down brought a few options so the other staff could help decide which was the right one to give the patient. One of my nurses in SDS offered to help in PACU, because one of the evening PACU RNs is 8 months pregnant, and wanted to make sure she was safe. Finally, as Diane recounted the story, she shared so much of the conversation that she and the mom had.

I followed up with the mom on Monday to check in on them for the post-op call. I wanted to talk to her personally because of the story that was shared. The patient's mom could not say enough about everyone. She was so overwhelmed about bringing him in and the whole situation. She felt she and her "son were treated with such kindness and exceptional care." She said giving him the bear, meant so much to him. He loved "it and it did wonders to diffuse him. It is the simple gestures that truly mean the most!"

I am so impressed with the whole team and I hope it gives you another great example of the amazing people we have here!!