Jessica Debruler

Jessica Debruler

Jessica Debruler, BSN, RN, BC

Intermediate Care/Urology
Cone Health - Wesley Long Hospital
Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
I got strength from Jessica.

My husband was left alone and did not want me to clean him up. Jessica got him all washed up and kept his pain under control. Jessica is an angel, always pleasant and always caring. Jessica was so in 'tuned' to what my husband's needs were as bad as his condition was. She stayed with him and help him move when he needed to. 'She did not leave him alone.' She did something the other nurses did not do – She went the extra mile to 'minister' to his needs. Her gentle touch, very professional to him; respect for him and for me.

Jessica supported her 'the wife' by knowing all of his needs were met by Jessica. I knew he was going to 'be alright'. I got strength from Jessica. Her kindness, gentleness overwhelmed the wife. I could leave him and go home without worrying. The wife said her husband was very ill and really needed Jessica's 'touch'. When Jessica turned him, he did not groan in pain like some others who turned him. She cared for him for around 3 days.

'We loved her and appreciated everything so much.' I hope she is recognized for what she has done for me and my family. The wife has lost her husband in Hospice after leaving the hospital. The wife has a 'comforting' feeling looking back at his stay. The wife has 'no regrets about his care'. Jessica made a huge difference in how the outcome occurred for her.'