Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson

Jessica Dawson, BSN, RN, CPN

Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States

Let me tell you about this amazing nurse named Jessica Dawson. I have worked with Jessica for several years at Children's Hospital Colorado and I can tell you without a doubt that she is one of the most caring and compassionate nurses we have. She is one of those unique and gifted people that were just simply born to be a nurse. Jessica puts her whole heart into every interaction she has with each patient regardless of their diagnosis. She goes above and beyond with her families every shift. She has been primary to some of our most medically fragile trach- vent patients and does not shy away from these difficult medical conditions or uncertain social situations. If Jessica is on the unit you can bet that she has at least one of our vented patients in her care. You can also bet that they are receiving the best care around. She meets all their medical needs but also take the time to connect with each patient and family so that she can understand their educational needs as well. Patients and families are always requesting her to be a primary nurse and the amount of positive feedback we get about her teaching and care is amazing. Her compassion and care of others is so impressive that she is often recognized by our patients and families as being the best nurse they have ever had. I can remember one particular patient who had two chest tubes and was immobile on Droplet precautions, thus keeping him confined to his room. He was so bored and lonely. Jessica never sees these patients as a burden. Instead she finds ways to make them forget about their diagnosis or that they are stuck in a room. Not only did she get him supplies for crafts, but she took time out of her busy day to sit with him for an hour and do crafts with him to keep him company. This happens over and over when Jessica is the nurse. That child will forever have a piece of Jessica on his heart, as will so many others.

Jessica takes great pride in thriving as a bedside nurse. Her clinical skills are matched by only a few on our unit and recognized by other units' house wide. Jessica has oriented to charge and has illustrated her skill to step into difficult procedures and handle them with her expertise. She is an exceptional resource to all of her peers and recognized often for her willingness to help anyone with any task. She is also one of the best mentors we have on the floor. She frequently works with students and is almost always orienting a new graduate nurse. Those who have worked with her as a new graduate are well prepared to step out on their own, in no small thanks to Jessica's dedication to their learning and skill development. Jessica is a natural instructor. Whether it is with a new graduate nurse or a parent of one of our patients, Jessica is always teaching. She is especially gifted at instructing nurses and families about the complex needs of our trach vented population. She cares for each child like it was her own and dedicated to make each of their stays at the hospital the best it can possibly be.

It has been a pleasure and honor to watch Jessica over the years. She has always been caring and compassionate. Now she has a confidence and passion that inspires others and makes her a true leader on our unit. I know she will continue to thrive as a nurse and cannot wait to see what else this profession has in store for her. Jessica loves to be at the bedside and we are so lucky and blessed that she ended up on the Pulmonary unit. Her talents and heart make her the exact type of nurse that the DAISY award was made for. Thank you for considering her for this well-deserved recognition.