Jesse Fossum

Jesse Fossum

Jesse Fossum, RN

Surgical Services
St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri
United States

Jesse's nickname on the unit is "Awesome Fossum" and with good reason.

Jesse was an exceptional advocate for a young patient he cared for on 10 East for two days. The mother and grandmother did everything they could do to alienate all the nurses on the floor by criticizing everything. Jesse continued to give outstanding care and respect to the young patient even when the family was doing anything but that. Jesse went out of his way to be courteous to this family, even as they accused him and other nurses of things they did not do.

Unfortunately, this family was angry and upset for reasons that were out of the control of Jesse and St. Louis Children's Hospital but he continued to go above and beyond to be sure he cared for this young patient and tried to accommodate the family's wishes. He had to repeat care instructions several times with the family, had to endure insults and yet he still did not change his approach to the child or the family. This young patient will likely not remember Jesse, but I know he made a small, yet significant difference in this patient's life.