Jesi Crosier

Jesi Crosier, RN, BSN

University of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
United States

Jesi Crosier, BSN, RN
An Extraordinary Nurse

In the time I have worked with Jesi, her clinical abilities, positive attitude, reliability and organizational skills have always impressed me. In many different situations, I have seen clearly that her first priority is always patient safety and positive outcomes. Jesi excels as a bedside nurse, charge nurse and as a preceptor. Leading by instruction and by example, she exhibits outstanding critical thinking, patient advocacy and attention to detail. She willingly offers help and advice to fellow staff members, demonstrating her strong teamwork mentality. Jesi is a gifted teacher who communicates well with new staff as they learn their roles. As a charge nurse, she solves problems quickly and effectively while remaining calm and thoughtful. In addition, through AACN, Jesi helps provide education and resources to critical care nurse throughout the northwest.