Jerry Folden

Jerry Folden, RN

Jupiter Medical Center
Jupiter, Florida
United States

...We experienced so many caring nurses during my stay as a patient. But Jerry stands head and shoulders above all for his ability to provide personal interest in the patient as well as excellent care. I do not know how many other pressures Jerry may have been under when he cared for me, but he always conveyed to me that he was there for me whenever I needed him and for as long as I needed him.

One example, I had just been told that lab results indicated the presence of cancer cells. When the doctor left the room, Jerry pulled up a chair and said “let’s talk”. He then proceeded to explain that my news was good news, and gave me a short course in the human lymphatic system. Jerry calmed my concerns before they had a chance to develop.

Lest I forget, Jerry did the above and ALL of his chores with a smile and a warm personal interest.