Jerri Alvarado

Jerri Alvarado, RN

Med/Surg 5
Aurora Medical Center - Kenosha
Kenosha, Wisconsin
United States

Jerri Alvarado deserves recognition because she is a wonderful nurse. I went into surgery thinking I was having an ovary removed and when I came out of surgery I had an Ileostomy bag. I was devastated, hated my life and didn't care if it ended at that point. My bag was leaking every day and Jerri spent many hours cleaning me up and time on the phone trying to get the correct supplies to get a good seal on my bag. I knew my nursing care and any other needs would go so much smoother when Jerri would walk into my room with that friendly smile. I would hope and pray that she was my nurse. Jerri had the best bedside manners and she always showed incredible empathy and professionalism to me and my family. She is a kind, compassionate and caring person. She not only gave me outstanding medical care, but she cared about me as a person. Jerri often spent time talking with me and my family about my situation and took time to answer questions. She spent time discussing different techniques and explained how to care for my Ileostomy. She came in on her day off because she knew the wound care nurse would be in to see me. Jerri wanted to let the nurse know what had been working for me and to see if the nurse had any suggestions how to stop the bag from leaking. If I needed a hug, a shoulder to cry on, or needed to talk, Jerri was there. When I refer to my guardian angel, my friends and family know I am talking about Jerri. She deserves recognition for the great person and nurse that she is.