Jerome Azevedo
December 2017
Vascular Access Team
Doctors Medical Center of Modesto
United States




Jerome Azevedo goes above and beyond for patients on a daily basis. Jerome is on the Vascular Access Team and places PICCs and midlines on patients in the ICU regularly. Not only is Jerome reliable, but he is also willing to help in all situations. The other day was very busy in the unit and I could not find anyone willing to help me turn and clean up my patient who had soiled her sheets. Jerome noticed I needed help and offered to help me clean my patient, even though he isn't required to do so as part of the VAT team. A few days later, I desperately needed an IV in a critical patient and called him. Jerome was almost off work and could have easily passed this on to the next shift, but he didn't. Instead, Jerome came up to the unit and got IV access on my patient without complaint. Jerome never complains when we need help. He's always willing to do whatever we need. With a smile on his face, all while completing his own tasks in a timely manner. A few days after inserting the "last minute" IV, I needed a fourth person for a c-spine turn. Again, without being asked, he noticed our need and came to help. He demonstrates extraordinary care at the bedside and is an asset to the nursing team around the SICU.