Jeremy Arnett

Jeremy Arnett, RN

Cardiothoracic ICU
Westchester Medical Center
Valhalla, New York
United States

Jeremy is a member of the Cardiothoracic team. He provides care to some of the most acute and critically ill patients. He is very detail oriented and empathetic to patients and their families. Jeremy never loses site of the patient among all of the devices and complex equipment. He is also charge nurse extraordinaire!

Recently 2 coworkers' family members were undergoing open heart surgery and Jeremy was requested to personally provide the care for their family members in the post op period during the night. They were reassured and confident that their loved one would be safe and well cared for. He put the family members at ease with the comfort and care he provided.

Jeremy also mentors new staff. It is evident after a few weeks of his mentoring that new comers to the unit are confident and skilled following Jeremy's orientation where his expertise and dedication to his profession are are sought and quality delivery of care is learned through his unwavering commitment to pay it forward for the future caregivers in the CT ICU.

He has this uncanny ability to innately find solutions in an environment that is fast paced, demanding, and emotionally draining. He is truly our "Night in Shining Armor"!