Jenny Lyn Alegre

Jenny Lyn Alegre

Jenny Lyn Alegre, BSN, RN

8 East/Lachman
Lenox Hill Hospital
New York, New York
United States

Jenny Lyn Alegre is an example of outstanding nursing leadership.  She demonstrates compassion and care for our patients and the team we supervise.  She works in sync with our ANM to provide clinical assistance and serve as a resource to our team. 

Jenny Lyn demonstrates daily that she is truly made for this through her commitment to our team and its successes.   She ensures that individuals are recognized for great work and knows how to effectively communicate when there is work to be done. She has helped to facilitate an opportunity for our team to share their thoughts and concerns or simply reflect on many of the difficult cases we have seen.  This session consisted of refreshments and soothing music away from the unit.  This allowed our team members to refill their empathy tanks and was greatly appreciated by all who attended.

Jenny Lyn helps us to capture all the great work we are doing on film.  One of those projects being our unit brochure.  She brings creativity to any ideas we might bring to the table for improved work process or patient care.  She is amicable and often helps us to see varying perspectives.  Jenny has actively worked on many unit projects to help improve documentation for our neuro patients, she has facilitated our stroke education committee and she has helped to coordinate some of our unit activities outside of work to help with team bonding and building.

She demonstrates that she truly loves what she does despite the many challenges we face in our roles.  Our team trusts and depends on her and she never lets us down.  She handles every challenge with professionalism and grace.

There are not enough words for me to adequately explain why I am so proud to be a part of this leadership team.  I truly love working alongside her.