Jenny Conrad

Jenny Conrad

Jenny Conrad, RN

UnityPoint Health - Fort Dodge
Fort Dodge, Iowa
United States

My first adventure started on Sunday at which time I was admitted due to contractions occurring every 3 minutes.  I didn’t yet know it but I was pretty lucky to get Jenny as my nurse.  During the hospitalization she was attentive to me and my unborn child.  Throughout the day she checked on my status assuring me the entire time that everything was going well.  I stayed overnight and was discharged the next day as my contractions slowed and became more irregular.

On Wednesday I became worried as my daughter became less active.  Again I was placed on the OB floor with Jenny as my nurse.  Hooked up to monitors and embarrassed for “coming back” two days later, Jenny continued to comfort me.  She insisted that this is her job and that even though everything was okay (with the baby) this time, I was to come back with even the slighted feeling of uneasiness or nervousness.  She continued to comfort and assure me that not only was my daughter fine, but I, being back, on the unit was okay.  Not at all did I feel like I was a bother to her or that my being there was an inconvenience.  I stayed for an hour and again was discharged.

On Thursday my water broke.  I again was admitted knowing this time I would be leaving with my daughter.  When the morning shift arrived I could not have been more ecstatic than to get Jenny as my nurse.  Throughout the day she was attentive, courteous and empathetic to me and my needs.  She was kind, courteous and compassionate to my family, friends and visitors knowing that their presence eased my anxiety and made this process easier on me.  Not only was Jenny my nurse, she became my advocate. She continually insisted that I receive the best care and continued to insist that every one of my needs was met.  Because of Jenny, my childbirth was a smooth process, where I felt comfortable and well cared for. 

Jenny, I believe, is a wonderful nurse because she goes above and beyond her duties and makes her patients feel cared for and loved in situations that can sometimes be frightening.