Jennifer Whitt-Hurst

Jennifer Whitt-Hurst, RN

Birthing Center
LewisGale Hospital - Montgomery
Blacksburg, Virginia
United States

A physician recognized Jennifer for the exceptional care she exhibited when taking care of a critically ill postpartum patient. The nomination described Jennifer as "attentive, intuitive, and very concerned about the welfare of the patient". The physician stated, "I felt comfortable leaving the patient on the OB unit and knew she would be okay".

After graduating from Wytheville Community College in 2003, Jennifer began her nursing career on the Progressive Care Unit at LewisGale Hospital Montgomery. After 6 years in critical care, she transferred to labor and delivery. She frequently uses her experience and clinical expertise to care for her patients as well as mentor other nurses, "My passion is taking care of really sick patients and being involved in the healing process. I like knowing I am making a difference and when they feel better, I know I was a part of it".

Sandra Redcay, RNC works with Jennifer frequently, relying on her knowledge, "Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge to the Birthing Center and I love to draw this from her. Her background makes it easy for her to pick up on complications in our patients. She is a breath of fresh air and gives excellent nursing care. Patients ask for her to be their nurse and she provides them with the best care".

When asked how she felt when she found out she won the DAISY award, Jennifer said, "I was shocked. I don't give good care to my patients so I can be rewarded. I do it because I care about my patients and their families."