Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore, RN, BSN

Emergency Department
Smyth County Community Hospital
Marion, Virginia
United States
Jennifer did all of this while keeping me calm and informed.

There is no other nurse that I would like to have care for me or my family than Jennifer Moore. When in time of emergency (and with my husband, there have been several), and I walk through the door, I feel an immediate sense of relief when I see her. During heart attacks and strokes, she has proven herself as the most capable, highly skilled technician with amazing critical thinking skills. She quickly takes control of the emergent situation, using her skills and medical expertise to provide split-second loving care.

Jennifer was able to pick up on subtle changes in my husband’s condition that allowed her to make the correct recommendations to the provider that no doubt saved his life and prevented further complications. She did all of this while keeping me calm and informed. I have witnessed her helping other patients in the same incredible manner. All the while, leading, mentoring, training, and guiding her staff with ease and confidence. She is professional while still providing heartfelt, honest care and compassion.

Some things that come to mind when thinking of Jennifer include a compassionate and passionate nurse that has excellent skills, exemplary attitude, and desirable personality. She is helpful, kind, and caring. She is strong, decisive, and solid. Dignified and graceful, she is everything that a nurse should be and so much more. She goes above and beyond daily with her generosity and kindness. She is the one in the back, holding others up and fixing other’s issues silently in the background, not desiring recognition, but hoping to lift others up. She is valued more than she knows.

While an employee, I was thrilled to find a position open in her department on her shift. I applied so that I could work more closely with her and her shift. I don’t think I would have applied otherwise. I am blessed to work with my real-life hero. I just wanted to share my story because she is a beautiful DAISY that deserves recognition.