Jennifer L. Black

Jennifer L. Black

Jennifer L. Black, RN-BC, BSN

4 East, Neuro Vascular Unit
Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Patients and families trust Jennifer.

4 East often cares for patients that might be confused due to recent strokes or other health issues.  I witnessed Jennifer Black holding a patient’s hand and personally explaining why the IV nurse was there and why they needed him to keep his arm straight.  It surprised me that the patient actually calmed down considering the patient had removed the last couple of IV’s.  Jennifer didn’t say it wasn’t going to hurt because she didn’t want to lie to him, but held his hand during the entire process.

It touches me when I see nurses serving in this profession with their heart.  Jennifer has only been out of school a short time yet she is comfortable as a teacher for others, stepping in as a relief charge and precepting new staff.

People always think Jennifer has been a nurse longer than she has.  Patients and families trust her and want her to be their nurse.  In her case, leadership and caring just come naturally.  No matter what the patients’ background, no matter how hard it is to connect with them, she finds a way to reach them and make things better.  I am grateful that she works here and on our unit.