Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard, RN

General Medicene
Holy Cross Hospital (MD)
Silver Springs, Maryland
United States

...I admitted myself to your hospital's emergency room Sunday. I have never in my life taken time out to send a letter of gratitude. However, the positive experience I received from your 5th floor staff has got to be acknowledged! You see I had the unlikely misfortune of having a recurring condition. The first time I stayed at another local hospital and thought I had received adequate care, but after my experience at your hospital, I really know what good healthcare is all about! Your entire 5th floor staff was so friendly and caring that it helped ease the fact that my parents were too far away to be here.

Most of them did not even know my name or me but always gave me a friendly "hello" or smile as I did laps on the floor at all hours of the night. However, I must single out Jennifer Howard (or Jen Jen as I called her). She was my care provider during the night for the most part and the care and professionalism she showed me was second to none! She told me that she has only been with the hospital for 3 months but carried herself as a well-seasoned veteran. As I pushed my call button throughout the night, every request was greeted with a smile. Even the little things such as calling her to my room to disconnect my IV in order to use the restroom did not annoy her. What I really appreciated the most was that even if she was with another patient she would take the time to acknowledge me and say "Hello, Mr. S, I am with another patient right now but can you give me 15 minutes?" I kept giving her a hard time because she wouldn't call me by my first name but I do appreciate it. I am in sales and to set expectations is huge!

For three days she always came within the time frame that she stated; I never had to ring twice. I have much love for Jennifer and the entire 24-hour 5th floor staff! We are only as successful as the people around us and kudos to you, because you have surrounded yourself with quality people! I have been singing your hospital praises to my family and friends! I consider Jen one of my friends even though I may never see her again! Thank you once again for the best experience I could possibly have while being sick!