Jennifer Hentges

Jennifer Hentges

Jennifer Hentges, RN

Cancer Center
St. Francis Regional Medical Center
Shakopee, Minnesota
United States
Jen has a calm presence and a kind heart that just seems to put staff, coworkers, patients, providers and families at ease.

Jen is passionate about her job as the primary acting charge nurse for the St. Francis Cancer Center. She’s easy to work with, supportive and responsive to the needs of the department. She demonstrates wonderful people skills, even in difficult situations.

Jen uses her calm, positive approach when teaching our patient class, which helps our patients and family members feel more at ease when starting chemotherapy. She volunteers regularly as part of her professional role and personal life and has recently taken time to share her experience in nursing with young people via presentations at schools.

Jen recently ran her first marathon in honor of people she knows who have fought the cancer fight. That’s just the kind of person Jen is, always putting others first.