Jennifer Gubser

Jennifer Gubser, RN

The Christ Hospital Health Network
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

My mom had a stroke followed by a brain bleed and was in the SICU at Christ Hospital. We had several nurses, some great, some good, and then Jennifer.

One day my mom was crying from the pain she was in. Jennifer moved her computer into the room with my mom so she could be with her while she did her other work. She didn’t leave my moms side until she had gotten in touch with the doctor who changed her medicine. There was never a time Jennifer was anything but kind and compassionate. She has a wonderful disposition and treated my mom as if she were her own mother.

In addition, she always treated me with the same kindness. I never felt as if I was bothering her with my questions. She never minded explaining things to me. When I would walk into the SICU and see Jennifer, I always felt a sense of relief because I knew my mom was in good hands.

Jennifer Gubser definitely found her calling being a nurse and I am so grateful she was my mom’s nurse.