Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Jennifer Fitzpatrick, ADN, RN

Women's Center Reproductive Services
Carolinas Medical Center and Levine Children's Hospital - Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States

Jenny is an extraordinary nurse and certainly exhibits care and compassion when she is with her patients. Here is why anyone who has been faced with infertility challenges knows that it is an emotional roller coaster ride along the way.

Over the past 8 years my husband and I have struggled with infertility issues and miscarriage. After having our son four years ago we decided to try to conceive again. My general GYN physician referred me to the CMC Women's Center Reproductive Endocrinology Team. My husband and I consulted with the Dr and he provided us with an intervention plan for our fertility challenges. Along the way in my plan of care we had the privilege to meet Jenny who is a registered nurse in the office. During the course of one of my reproductive cycles. I had to take a special medication in which the administration of it was a very time sensitive matter. The medication was special because it was very expensive and had to remain refrigerated and a very few pharmacies stocked it.

This particular day the Dr ordered the medication and Jenny gave me specific instructions in the office. Then later that day I left for Maryland to visit family for the weekend. On the way I stopped to visit my grandfather in Durham. At that time I realized that a message had been left on my voicemail and it was Jenny. After listening to the message I realized I forgot the medication at home in the fridge. I was so focused on packing that I forgot the medication. By this time you can imagine the stress. I immediately started calling pharmacies and no one stocked it. I then called the nursing team and Jenny returned my phone call. She was able to calm me and reassure me that it would be okay. She worked behind the scenes and found a pharmacy not a retail but a special compound pharmacy. It was a special request and Jenny spoke to them giving my information and arranged for me to pick it up.

Jenny later the following week performed my IUI procedure and was very calm and made me comfortable and reassured me and explained every detail every step of the way. She played calming music to soothe and relax me. Although we didn't get a positive pregnancy test, I am certain the intervention was the best option for me and I don't regret having it done. I felt like Jenny's temperament caring attitude and support overpowered any feelings of disappointment that I might have had about the outcome.