Jennifer Dineen

Jennifer Dineen, MSN, RNC-MNN

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Mission Hills, California
United States

Jennifer has demonstrated excellence as a postpartum nurse. Her pleasant and always supportive demeanor is infectious. She consistently supports her patients with breast feeding. She is hands-on and quickly demonstrates alternative feedings, avoiding formula or bottles to protect the mother's milk supply. If she encounters a difficult feeding, she first exhausts all the techniques she has before calling the consultant.

One day, when I had a student shadowing me, Jennifer had a mother she was teaching the alternative feeding method of S&S. The baby had been sleepy and a poor feeder and now was jaundiced and under bili lights. Jennifer skillfully taught the father how to finger-feed with the S&S while under the lights. This was after mom was able to latch the infant using a little S&S to stimulate the baby into a nice rhythmic suck. The goal was to use the mother's milk to supplement her baby. Jennifer was always kind and patient, never rushed while I observed. The whole situation was very successful. Both parents were confident after the session. Jennifer kept encouraging them. She continued to support and encourage feedings every 2 hours. The bilirubin result came down and the parents were able to go home happy with healthy breast feeding.


Jennifer has only been an official member of the Holy Cross family for about 6 months, but she was a traveler on and off for the year before she officially joined us. In her short time here, she has made such an impact. The words that come to mind when I think of her: cheerful, bubbly, upbeat, happy, positive all describe the culture she creates on the unit when she is at work. Regardless of the day, she puts a positive spin on it and is quick to offer help to others. She is loved by patients, visitors, physicians, and her coworkers. She is efficient, thorough, and demonstrates clinical expertise. During her time at Holy Cross she has completed her MSN and become certified in Maternal Newborn Nursing. She has taken on a number of roles: preceptor, resource nurse, and she a member of the breastfeeding task force. I know Jennifer is a bit of a wanderer at heart and had been a traveler for awhile before settling at Holy Cross. She was a bit nervous about staying in one place, but I recently heard her say that she had renewed her lease (so I am taking that as very good news). Jennifer often pops her head into my office as she walks by and says, "Hey, boss. I just want to thank you for hiring me." I would like to respond by saying, "Hey Jennifer. Thanks for becoming part of our team." I know everyone else in the department would agree with me.