Jennifer Devon

Jennifer Devon

Jennifer Devon, RN

Cardiovascular Disease Management
UPMC Hamot
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States

Jen is a nurse in our department that performs follow-up discharge phone calls for the cardiovascular population. She also follows more frequently, patients that have been readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of their last discharge of heart failure. She happened to be following a specific female patient who she was getting to know better and enjoyed conversation with her. She was readmitted to the hospital and a "condition A" was called on the tower units. By the bed number given, she knew it was the lady she had been speaking with. Without hesitation, Jen left her office and went up to the floor to see what was unfolding. Jen came back to the office about 45 minutes to an hour later with tears in her eyes. "She didn't make it. I was really getting to know her and enjoyed our conversations together", Jen stated.

Jen later told me that after the code ended she stayed and helped perform post mortem care so she looked presentable to the family. Jen also stated that she paid her respects at the bedside and talked with the family, and they were prepared for her passing and were, "ok with it."

Jen didn't have to go up to the floor when the code was called. She didn't have to help with post mortem care. She didn't have to talk with the family afterwards. This is Jen being Jen. Not thinking twice about checking on a patient that she has only had phone contact with and following through to the end.

This speaks volumes about her compassion, integrity, and respect for her patients and her values as a nurse.