Jennifer Clark
October 2018
Vascular ICU
Tampa General Hospital
United States




I have been working with Jennifer Clark for 3 years. I have never met an individual as loving, caring, and genuine as her. I have 2 specific examples (out of many) that come to mind. When she is caring for her patients she ensures that they receive the best care possible. She brings her own hair detangler, deodorant, personal care products from home to have, what she calls, "spa night." Every single one of her patients looks pristine after being in her care. Jennifer not only cares for her patients but also their family members.

Jennifer was caring for a gentleman who was very critically ill, who came to TGH from an outside facility. His wife drove to TGH as fast as she could but did not bring any clothing to last her for weeks. Jenn took the wife's clothing home, washed, dried and folded them and brought them back to her. Another instance was when another patient's significant other also did not bring any clothing with her, Jenn stopped by Wal-Mart on her way to work to buy clothes for the significant other. All that Jenn does is out of the bottom of her heart. She does not go around telling others what she does. I think she is a perfect example of a truly compassionate, caring individual. She is a true DAISY Nurse.