Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns, RN

Bridgeport Hospital
Bridgeport, Connecticut
United States

I wish I could nominate each and every staff member on West Tower 6 for the amazing care that they provided my grandmother and my family. My 90 year-old grandmother was a patient here at the end of April. Unfortunately, her health declined and she passed away in May. As difficult as it was for me to come to work during this time, I knew she was in good hands. My mother and aunt were especially thankful for a particular night nurse, Jennifer Burns. I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting her since I work during daytime hours.

The morning after my grandmother passed, Jen greeted me with a hug and tears in the lobby, and told me that my grandmother died peacefully while she was holding her hand. Jen also came to the funeral after working the night shift and later needed to care for her children. I was so touched to see her there. She continues to ask me today how my family and grandfather are doing and always wishes them the best.

To me, Jen exemplifies what it means to be an extraordinary nurse. She cared for my grandmother as if she were her own. I am forever grateful for the love and compassion Jen showed my family during such a difficult time. She is an asset to our hospital and to the profession. Thank you Jen.