Jennifer Boswell

Jennifer Boswell, RN

Orthopedic/ Hematology Unit
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

We have a patient that was here on our floor for over a year off an on with a terrible infection. This infection altered her appearance greatly. I watched Jennifer over the course of the year form a deep bond with this patient and her family while they were here in the hospital. She would bring them personal items or even groceries at times. I have seen Jennifer do this for several other long term patients as well. Jennifer continues a personal relationship with this patient after her discharge. She picks the patient up and spends personal time with her. They do things like going out to eat or shopping. Unfortunately, the girl comes from a home where her mother does not take her to do these sorts of things. Jennifer is a great mentor to the patient as well as a friend. I cannot count the times that I have seen her do this for other patients as well. She always makes herself available to her co-workers as well as her patients. Giving up her free time away from work to spend personal time with a patient makes Jennifer a very special nurse to me as well as to those who are fortunate enough to know her.

Jennifer is a knowledgeable, caring and compassionate nurse. She exemplifies all the values that a great nurse should have. She has the ability to really connect with her patients and families to make them feel comfortable in a hospital environment. She is also a great resource for other nurses. She is a great teacher and really enjoys teaching. She is very approachable and charismatic. Patients, families and staff members value her as an excellent 6 west nurse. She is a great team player and inspires other nurses to strive for excellence.

One example of Jennifer’s nursing excellence is: we have a family that Jennifer really connected with. The family was with us on our unit for a month or longer. She vigilantly cared for this child each day she worked while she was here. She always consulted the family when making decisions regarding the patient’s care. Family centered care is a huge priority to Jennifer. Her compassion was evident when she called the unit on her days off to check on this patient. She continues to receive updates from the family about the patient now that he has been discharged from the hospital. Jennifer exemplifies all the Methodist values and more and is much deserving of this award.