Jennifer Bittner
December 2016
Trauma Medical Intensive Care Unit
Capital Health Regional Medical Center
United States




We met Jennifer Bittner in the Trauma ER; little did we know what a journey we would take with her.  It was a sad, scary, unknown time for us.  With her help, we would not only be able to get through it, but be confident our son was receiving the best care. Her compassionate care of our son and answering questions, she reassured us that procedures were normal at this level. Arriving in the mornings to ICU, it would be a greeting with ‘Your nurse today is great.’ She would check to see how all was going. Med bell would go off, if our nurse was busy she would be there to change it. When decisions had to be made, she would reach out with a hug of encouragement.

Time came for us to make a quality of life decision and be his voice. We were able to do that with the confidence that all that could be done for our son had been done. That Monday morning, we did not see familiar faces; Sarah was our nurse. We knew Jen would say, ‘Sarah is your nurse today and she is great’. Waiting for the palliative care doctor, Sarah came in and said, ‘Jen just called and wants you to know she is thinking of you’. You can’t imagine how that made us feel. It gave us comfort and strength to get through this very hard and sad time.