Jennifer Besson

Jennifer Besson, RN

Emergency Department
St. John Hospital and Medical Center
Detroit, Michigan
United States

Jennifer is a wonderful, caring, and creative nurse. Recently, Jennifer was working in the ER triage area and was transferred a call from the operator. On the line was a tearful woman who told Jennifer she was feeling suicidal. Jennifer spoke with this woman for 20 minutes. During this time, she managed to get the woman’s name, looked her up in our system, and noticed that she was a patient at one time. Jennifer was able to get her address from our system and had one of the techs, Ryan Miller, call the Grosse Pointe Police Department, to check on this woman. Jennifer stayed on the phone with her until the police arrived. The police ended up bringing her into the ER for psychiatric evaluation. This woman was drinking, had a history of depression, and had a plan with access. If Jennifer hadn’t had the insight and presence to act as she did, this may have ended badly.