Jennifer Baumert

Jennifer Baumert, RN, BSN

CHI Health Lakeside
Omaha, Nebraska
United States

She is a very well-respected and experienced nurse. She is an innovative teacher, mentor and creative thinker. She is well regarded by her peers for her expertise, being a good listener, and easily approachable. She is always smiling, quick to offer a helping hand and very welcoming to new employees. Her unfailing contribution to the patients and their safe care is incredible. She encourages all to go beyond their comfort zone to learn new skills, and she stands beside them the entire way. Even while taking patients of her own as a lead she is keeping an eye out for someone in need of help. She is the co-chair of the partnership council and actively involved in the Magnet committee. At times I think she must have 3 arms as I constantly see her raising one each time a request for a volunteer is put out. She exudes nursing excellence daily and brings it out in those around her as well. She speaks, lives, and teaches the Alegent Health Mission and Commitments.