Jennifer A. Hall

Jennifer Hall

Jennifer A. Hall, RN

Mother Baby
Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin
Austin, Texas
United States
Jennifer was so soothing, patient, and helpful through my first night as a mom.

As a first-time mom with a brand-new baby born by urgent C-Section at 3:07 pm, I was brought to the mother/baby unit (post a rough recovery) right at shift change. Having grown up with a mother working as a night nurse in a hospital, I know this is a hectic time.

My baby and I had only just met in the 2 hours prior, due to my reaction to anesthesia, and we were attempting our 2nd feeding, and my first where I was totally alert. Needless to say, I was highly anxious, in pain, and the evening nurse assigned to me didn't show up to her shift.

Jennifer gracefully stepped in to cover my room for the night, and I am not exaggerating that she felt like my gift from heaven after such a hard and scary day. She was so soothing, patient, and helpful through my first night as a mom.

She helped me feed every time and by the time I saw a lactation consultant, she said I looked like a pro (all thanks to the consultant’s help). She helped me sooth CJ, get up for the first time post-op, helped wipe down my back just to get me to feel a little cleaner, and most importantly, made me feel I was doing this "mom" thing okay.

She was such a blessing to me and my family on our first night together and went above and beyond the already super-woman task of a nurse.