Jenni Hodge

Jenni Hodge, BSN, RN

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
Medford, Oregon
United States

Jenni Hodge is an exceptional, compassionate, NICU nurse. This past summer a family from Wisconsin was vacationing in southern Oregon when the mother unexpectedly delivered her baby early. Their son was born extremely premature and fought bravely for his life from the beginning. Jenni established a close relationship with the family and cared for their son every day.

Unfortunately, 2 long months proved to be just too hard for this little guy and he could not keep up the fight. His family was faced with having to make the heartbreaking decision to withdraw support for his brief but precious little life. On the day that they were to make their decision, Jenni volunteered to come in on her day off to be with the parents. She offered support and comfort to them while they made the transition from full life support for their son to comfort care. Jenni was their support, their ear and voice when coordinating this transition. She showed kindness, compassion, and understanding as she carried out her nursing duties. She cried with them and held their hands while they said goodbye to their tiny son.

As tragic as this circumstance was, the family personally expressed thankfulness and gratitude to Jenni for her exemplary actions. She was also recognized by the doctors in the NICU and by her manager for doing all that she could for this family and for going “above and beyond” the everyday work of an NICU nurse.

Jenni is an excellent example of living the Asante values, and for providing extraordinary care and compassion to her patients and families. For these reasons, she is deserving of the Daisy award.

Thank you for your wonderful work, and congratulations, Jenni!