Jen Feldman

Jen Feldman, RN

Bethesda North Hospital and Bethesda Medical Center at Arrow Springs
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Bethesda North Hospital

Jen Feldman, RN 5th Floor T200

I was hospitalized first in November and Jen was a definite bright spot in my week stay there. The day we got the cancer diagnosis was very emotional for us and she was able to do her job but still give me and my family the space we needed. When I was at my lowest that day I asked Jen if it would be possible to go the chapel. She not only found a wheelchair for me, but took me to the chapel herself. I realized that in her busy days as a nurse her compassion and heart felt concern was just as important to her. I was back on the floor for 10 days this month losing a kidney to the cancer and had the pleasure of Jen being my nurse a lot of my stay. I could never say enough about her as a nurse or as a person. She is a wonderful person and I do so hope she receives this award, she earned it. I will always remember her as one of the people who was here for me during this fight and hopefully she and the entire floor will know how much their care meant to me. Hopefully also 2010 will become a cancer free celebration and I have people like Jen to thank for that.
Submitted by Tina Newman