Jeff Dawes

Jeff Dawes

Jeff Dawes, RN

Adult Psych
Kettering Health: Kettering MC, Sycamore MC, Kettering Behavioral MC
Kettering, Ohio
United States

Jeff helped me in ways that words can only hope to explain. When I arrived at the hospital, I was in quite a manic state that made it difficult for me to follow directions. Jeff was very tuned in to me and everyone else that he was responsible for. He was very attentive. He listened well. He was funny. One of the most frightening things that a human being can experience is the inability to convey a message. Not only did Jeff listen to my rambling, he applied active listening techniques that helped me realize when I was being unreasonable. At one point, after a rough phone call home, Jeff pulled me aside and explained what it was that I needed to focus on. He said that I was like a player on his football team. Every time I was given a simple instruction, or in this case, a play to run, I would throw the play away and run long instead of short, trying to do too much at once. This wasn't an analogy that he applied from his chair on the other side of the nurse's window; it was an analogy he applied with his arm around my shoulder, in my room, with sincerity in his eyes.

When someone is sick, they need sincerity. When someone is weak, they need support. Jeff explained the probate process to me and helped me to avoid it. I was hell bent on fighting the court for my medication and looking back, I surely would have lost. If it was not for his willingness to listen and help over the course of my twelve day stay, I would not have been home for Christmas.

It is difficult to illuminate Jeff's abilities as a caregiver on a sheet of paper. His skills transcend what you could learn from any amount of reading about nursing. The fact is that he is one of a kind. Many people helped me during my stay but nobody sticks with me like Jeff. He discussed the Bible with me when I asked. He smiled when appropriate. He did just about everything right.

Now that I have had some more time to reflect and heal, I feel that it is only right to nominate Jeff for the DAISY Award. I sincerely appreciate all the help and compassion that was shown to me by every staff member at Kettering Health Network. Everyone was sincere and compassionate, but Jeff really saved my skin.