Jeanmaire Brunner

Jeanmaire Brunner

Jeanmaire Brunner, LPN II

Psychiatric Research Institute
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock, Arkansas
United States

Here is what several co-workers from unit had to say about Jeanmaire's dedication to nursing and our patients and families:

"Jeanmaire is a joy to work with; she goes above and beyond to help our patients and staff. For our patients, she will gather clothes, sit in patient's rooms as long as needed to comfort, console or help in any way she possibly can. With staff, she does as much as she possibly can to help out and make each shift go by as effortlessly as possible. She has a great, kind, loving and up beat spirit that just keeps staff on the up and up."

"Jeanmaire is always thinking of others. During Christmas, she purchased and decorated our waiting and break room areas. Our family members spend long periods of time in the waiting areas. We received numerous comments from our family members on how cheerful and beautiful these areas were decorated."

"Jeanmaire has taken time on a number of occasions, but particularly with women patients who are homeless, to select clothing items from our clothing closet. She has put together outfits that on several occasions have given our patients a sense of dignity, and has enabled them to feel at ease about their appearance. As a result of Jeanmaire's caring, these patients undoubtedly participate more fully in treatment of their psychiatric issues."

"Jeanmaire is a UAMS gem and shows this institution at its best to all she touches - a true Jeanmaire DAISY!"