Jeanette SanPedro

Jeanette SanPedro, RN

Behavioral Medicine
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital
Hinsdale, Illinois
United States

Jeanette San Pedro RN, BSN began her career at Adventist Hinsdale Hospital in 1993. , Jeanette was engaged and invested in the Behavioral Health Unit. When given the news that 5 West would remain open, the bond that she formed with the unit was so strong she remained with her new family and called 5 West home. Jeanette is the Clinical Coordinator of the Behavioral Health Unit and is responsible for the schedule, acts as primary ECT nurse and supports staff by filling in on emergencies. Jeanette San Pedro is well known and respected for her dedication to her patients and Hinsdale Hospital, as well as her desire to improve the workplace. She is involved in the Clinical Practice Council working toward the achievement of Magnet Status for our hospital. As a leader of the 5 West unit governance, she solicits staff opinion for research topics. One of our psychiatrists Dr Sheikh closes with this to say… Jeanette is a great person to work with. She is warm, friendly, efficient, and right on the money about her patient’s care and clinical knowledge.