Jeanette Jackman

Jeanette Jackman

Jeanette Jackman, RN

Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

Having worked in the nursing field for 36 years and as a NP for 14 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many exceptional nurses, but Jeanette stands out as truly one of the best. Some words that characterize her would be "compassionate, respectful of patients and co workers, and an excellent practitioner.” She demonstrates integrity and accountability, always seeking the best for her patients. Jeanette switched careers five years ago from making prosthetic implants to become a nurse because she "wanted to take care of the whole person.” She had been inspired by the nurses who "made a difference" when ministering to her grandmother's medical, emotional and spiritual needs in the course of repeated hospitalizations and hospice.
Jeanette can be counted on to be "on top of things", not only with her own patient assignments, but she is also knowledgeable about most of the patients on her floor. She is conscientious, diligent, caring and assertive in the interest of her patients' welfare. Her coworkers describe her as a "team player", not waiting to be asked, but seeking ways to assist her colleagues. Jeanette senses when her patients have a need for education, emotional support or urgent medical intervention, and acts assertively to get those needs met. She once brought cake to an elderly lady who had told her how much she loved her profession as a cake maker. The elderly lady had been depressed and had not been not interested in eating, but on this day she greeted Jeanette with a big smile, "You remembered! I can't believe you remembered,” she said as she proceeded to eat the cake.

Another example involves a patient who had been rushed to Methodist from East Texas with acute renal failure from a medication reaction. The man and his wife were in emotional shock, having been rushed to the hospital. Jeanette sensed their despair and spent an hour answering questions and drawing diagrams to provide explanations. They mentioned that she was the first person “to ask and not tell,” the first person to “explain so that they could understand,” and the first person to “not make them more afraid.” From what they observed, they said, "We can tell that you love what you do."

Another thing that makes Jeanette stand out in the crowd, is her determination to know what is going on with her patients. If she is unfamiliar with a diagnosis or medication, she will research it. She makes it her responsibility to be knowledgeable about her patients and their medications. Her communications contain a quote from Plutarch: "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." Jeanette is a joy to work with, inspiring those around her to "be a better person" and nurse, and to go the extra mile in providing ICARE based behavior for our patients.