Jean Dobbins-Miller

Jean Dobbins-Miller, RN

home health
Allegiance Health
Jackson, Michigan
United States

Jean consistently goes above and beyond for all of her patients.

Her patients ALWAYS get what they need. If there has been a problem, it is addressed. She works extra on her days off to provide consistent care for patients who would otherwise decline a visit. Jean communicates patient needs effectively and will call prior to the patient appointments to ensure that all of the needs are addressed.

Jean has been known to buy groceries for a patient that had just returned from the hospital and had no food. She is very tenacious with patient needs, advocates for and assures follow through as promised to the patient.

Jean is not one to walk away from difficult situations whether it's a complex clinical patient or a rough/gruff patient. Jean keeps the complex patients for continuity of care and can care for patients that present challenges above and beyond routine nursing care.

Jean is a high performer, investigating issues that affect the patient. An example, patient found on the floor, unresponsive and family unable to determine what happened. Jean pieced together that the patient was having a vagal response related to his "morning ritual" (without going into too much detail).

Another example, a patient was having signs and symptoms related to her medications. Jean found that the medications packaged in single dose packaging was actually NOT the prescribed medications for this patient. Problems resolved.