Jean Crumrine

Jean Crumrine

Jean Crumrine, RN, CPN

Children's Mercy Kansas City (MO)
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

First Nomination

Jean Crumrine is deserving of the DAISY award as illustrated by the numerous stories below. She continues to make contributions to the profession of nursing as a core Charge Nurse on 5 Sutherland Tower. She has mentored hundreds of staff and bestowed upon them a wealth of knowledge, skill, positive attitude, life experience, and aided in maximizing the potential of others. Her wonderful sense of humor reminds all of us how important it is to find happiness in what otherwise may be a stressful day. Jean has touched the lives of many people and as a result will leave a positive impact on the field of nursing for years to come. Jean has touched so many people throughout her twenty five year career at Children's Mercy and she continues to exhibit professionalism and respect towards staff, patients and their families. Her dedication, selfless service, and life experiences are gifts to all of us and will echo long after she retires. Thanks Jean for your contributions to the nursing profession.

Second Nomination

I remember a recent patient we took care of who was here long term. The parents didn't have a lot of support outside of each other. Jean took them under her wing. She checked on them every day she was at work. She spent time teaching them nursing care for their baby, as well as basic care (feeding, changing, and bathing). She always reported off to the Charge Nurses what she had done and how we could all follow up when she wasn't at work. After spending time with Jean and the rest of our nurses, the parents left the hospital equipped to take good care of their baby at home.

Third Nomination

Jean may be directionally challenged when driving, ha ha, but her moral compass is working fine. I have seen Jean speak up many times in making tough ethical judgment calls.

Fourth Nomination

I have worked with Jean for many years, and what I remember the most is her courage to take action in stressful situations, all the while maintaining professionalism. I had a patient that was deteriorating and Jean was in charge that day. I was a new nurse and didn't know how to approach the medical staff to convey the seriousness of the situation. Jean stepped in and "held my hand" through the end, coaching me every step of the way, giving me the words I needed helping to boost my self confidence.

Fifth Nomination

Jean is one of the most caring people I know. I have worked with Jean a number of years and during this time a couple of expected patient deaths occurred. Jean with her calm demeanor would walk through the protocol with assigned staff on how to handle the body and made sure family members and friends had every opportunity to say their goodbyes. Most of us would run from this situation, but Jean embraced it. She offered tons of empathy and kindness to staff and also to the patient's family and their friends. Jean has been a longstanding member of the Children's Mercy Grief and Loss committee and takes a proactive role by going above and beyond with her involvement in the memorial services that are held frequently here at Children's Mercy. She has attended several visitations and funerals of patients, which shows how devoted she is to her job and how much she cares.

Sixth Nomination

A few years ago we had a patient with significant neurological illness. The illness caused the patient to be severely combative and impulsive. I remember how emotionally and physically drained all the staff were, it was one of the most difficult patient stays I can remember. I also remember that Jean, as the Charge Nurse, would sit at this patient's bedside for lengthy periods of time allowing staff "time-off" and keeping the patient calm. I don't know if writing about it really portrays the depth of emotional and physical strain this was taking on staff, and how much her taking the time to sit at a patient's bedside had an impact. In addition, Jean works and then stays to work more, whether scheduled or not, during all the past snowstorms and blizzards. Jean also takes the time to sit down with new employees and teach them procedures or policies, prompting them to respond to questions and showing them how it should be done. Jean is also the first person I still call if I have a clinical question about something that I've not come across before.

Seventh Nomination

Jean is someone who everyone looks to on the unit for help, guidance, and learning. With all her years of experience, Jean is someone who was willing to help those new to the profession. I remember when I first started in 2004, that Jean quickly became the person that I went to when I had a question. Not only would she help answer it but she would utilize the moment to provide teaching and rationale which created a nurturing learning environment for me as a 22-year-old. She was always the calm during the storm and there was a certain comfort that existed on days she was charging, we all knew that things would be okay because she was there with us. Jean helped me developed into the nurse I am today and I am forever grateful that I was able to work with her for 9 years.

Eighth Nomination

Jean is an incredible resource to the unit. She just seems to know EVERYTHING, especially about complicated pathophysiology. She always knows the WHY to the questions I have about treatment. I learn something every time I work with her! She is awesome about filling in the gaps that sometimes happen with patient care, making sure all needs are met. She insisted on a test being run on a renal patient she had known for 20 years, because she knew him so well and knew something wasn't right. That test result changed the course of treatment for the patient so he could FINALLY get better and go home.

Ninth Nomination

I remember once when Jean stayed in an extremely aggravated and physically violent patient's room for more than an hour while the nurses and care assistants took breaks from the patient. She was charging that day and definitely had plenty to do but always makes patient care and staff advocacy a priority, with no task too small. Jean also makes it a point to mentor new staff, especially those who need more help. She spends time teaching them and talking to them and definitely goes above and beyond. Jean's strong intuition, vast knowledge, and unwavering patient advocacy has earned her the respect of all her colleagues across multiple disciples at Children's Mercy.

Tenth Nomination

Jean seeks out every opportunity to teach staff with such compassion and kindness. She has the heart of a teacher. I remember when a care assistant was new and still learning. Jean noticed her apprehension with an infant and without drawing attention to it, taught her how to hold the baby just right and how to push the baby's tongue down with the nipple to ensure a good suck. She eased the task back to the care assistant with praise and encouragement. No task is too small or large for Jean when taking the opportunity to teach staff. She takes pride in it.

Eleventh Nomination

Jean has a wealth of clinical knowledge...she knows or can find the answer to anything. If a nurse has a kid not doing well she is there supporting, encouraging, and helping (without belittling). She is constantly teaching. If you can't get a kid cathed or a NG down, she can. She thinks of all of us as her children. I can't tell you how many times she has referenced "raising" a nurse. She calls herself the matriarch. She takes things that nurses get upset about and makes them funny. Jean is a morale booster. She dresses up during Halloween and the funniest costume she wore was the "Mother Hen" she made with her own hands. We laughed all day. She has a wonderful sense of humor, always finding ways to make us laugh, and making the floor a fun place to work.

Twelfth Nomination

She has mentored hundreds of new nurses, teaching them how to get and give report. She wanted to make getting report easier by developing an Excel Charge Nurse tool we are continuing to use on the unit.

Thirteeth Nomination

In 2013 Jean coordinated a large community health and wellness fair at her local church. She was in charge of much of the medical organization and partnered other community organizations to provide blood pressure screenings, annual physicals including healthy woman exams, and glucose and cholesterol testing. The fair had food bags of healthy foods to for families to take home as the area is somewhat of a food dessert. In addition, Jean hand-made snacks for the refreshment table for volunteers approached local nursing instructors about having student nurse volunteers and organized those volunteers. I also know that Jean stayed up until the wee hours of the morning sewing curtain dividers for the physical exam rooms the two nights prior to the fair and took vacation days to participate in the fair. She frequently participates with a group of 5 S staff in preparing and serving meals to the families in the Ronald McDonald Room. While this may seem extraordinary to most (and it is) this is nothing new for Jean. With every project she takes part in she commits all of her time, energy, resources, compassion, and love to it. Jean is an active member of her congregation and is always willing to serve.

Fourteen Nomination

I was fresh off orientation (10 years ago) and had a complex renal patient who was very sick. It was towards the end of my shift and I was busy, and the patient needed scheduled medications. My pod partner went in with me for no good reason-just because. When we entered we knew something wasn't right and we had to call a code. This was my first code, and I was so nervous. The code team arrived and Jean pulled me out and into an empty patient room once we were done helping the team. I remember I started crying. Jean was so comforting and reassuring. She taught me so much in that moment about codes but also in my role as a Charge Nurse now. I think back to that moment and try to be as helpful and reassuring to current staff when they are in that situation. Jean is an excellent role model and provides compassion to the patients, families, but also staff.

Fifteenth Nomination

Working a rehab unit, it was important to address the bowel regimen of this patient population. Most of us were uncomfortable addressing the subject, but Jean with her wonderful since of humor not only addressed it but made it entertaining and memorable. She developed a tool called UPOOP for staff to use.

Sixteenth Nomination

Even though I haven't worked with Jean directly very much due to our differing schedules, I've looked to her as a role model in my Charge Nurse career. I respect and value her insight and her ability to find humor in our profession. The extra time she takes to teach our staff, patients and families is truly admirable.

Seventeenth Nomination

I consider Jean my mentor. She helped me to develop into the nurse I am today. I wouldn't have had the courage to go after a charge role if it were not for her calm, positive, encouraging attitude. She helped me to understand the big picture and not just the details of the work flow on the unit. She has the ability to look beyond the obvious and critically think about the best way to make patient assignments. She always had the patient's and family's best interest at heart.

Eighteenth Nomination

I have worked with Jean for almost 18 years and she is like the mother of the floor. She was the first one to show me how to shroud and clean up a patient after they pass away. Jean will always be a great joy to work with we have had many laughs. I just want to say Jean you rock. Love you, my friend.