Jean Caputo

Jean Caputo

Jean Caputo, RN

Ambulatory Surgery Unit
Women & Infants Hospital
Providence, Rhode Island
United States
Jean took care of all her patient's needs and transported her to her car for discharge.

We had a patient scheduled for surgery previously noted to have some anxiety issues related to a childhood trauma. As I always do, I gave the nursing staff a heads up to take particular care of this patient. This discussion takes place a few days prior to surgery, then again as a reminder the day before.

When giving the reminder about this patient, Jean Caputo volunteered to care for her in ASU pre-op. She greeted the patient and handled her with the utmost dignity, respect, and concern relaying all her anxieties. She remained close to the patient until she went to surgery. Once the patient left ASU for surgery, Jean walked over to PACU to make sure they were prepared and to ensure the patient's husband would be allowed visitation in the PACU as soon as the patient was awake. She had him return to the second floor waiting room, to ensure he was present when she awakened. He was with her in recovery and followed her to Phase II discharge.

Jean also reassigned herself from pre-op to post-op to ensure once again she cared for the patient. She checked on her in PACU and moved her to post-op where she was once again her nurse. She took care of all her patient's needs and transported her to her car for discharge. The patient and her husband were grateful and thanked her for being caring and allaying all her fears and anxiety.

To me, this is what nursing is all about. As a manager, I try to always inspire, encourage and acknowledge those who go the extra step to care for a patient. Jean went many steps above her assigned duties. This is true accountability and caring and I feel her actions warrant consideration for a DAISY Award. Her caring attitude is an example to her coworkers to not avoid the "anxious" patient, but rather advocate and show compassion for them.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You, Jean!