Jayne Berseth

Jayne Berseth

Jayne Berseth, RN

Mayo Clinic Health System - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
United States
Jayne always goes above and beyond with her care.

Jayne always goes above and beyond with her care.

“I bonded with the patient,” Jayne said. “It was an emotional time for her, and it was important to me that she had support.”

According to the person who nominated her, Jayne sat by the patient’s side during her first chemotherapy treatment. The next day, she surprised the patient by bringing her coffee and doughnuts.

“It’s part of my job to make people feel good and have a good day,” Jayne said. “I bring my patients things all the time!”

Jayne said receiving the DAISY award was an honor, and she is grateful to her team for the recognition. She stands by the belief that, as a staff nurse, her extraordinary care is just part of her job, and many staff nurses in her department perform the same care every day.

“My team is very important to me,” says Jayne. “Thank you to everyone.”