Jayci Dubik

Jayci Dubik

Jayci Dubik, RN, BSN

Intensive Care Unit
Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital
La Grange, Illinois
United States

When our Dad was admitted to ICU on the eve of Labor Day Holiday weekend, Dad hit the Jackpot! Jayci is so professional, efficient and effective and has a terrific "can do" attitude. She and Dad had a special connection as she talked with him (to his good ear), leaning in so he could hear. It was very personal, professional, and successful. He looked so forward to seeing her, as did we! She went above and beyond to get Dad well, treat him as a person and relieve our stress. She is 200% committed to excellence! In addition to being an outstanding registered nurse, she is a terrific person. She made our 85 year old Dad smile throughout his ICU visit, and she heartily welcomed the regular visits of my Dad's brother who is 93 and very HOH too. She made it very easy for the two brothers to communicate when she easily could have left them to struggle. She is a fabulous asset to the ALMH ICU staff. We were so lucky to have met her! ALMH is lucky to have such an outstanding person on your care team. She told Dad she'd be going for lunch and would be back in 20 minutes. Dad said "is that all the time you get for lunch?" She said, "No, I get 30 minutes for lunch but I'd rather spend the extra time with you." WOW! She is a ROCK STAR with a very special connection!!! Thank you!


Jayci is an outstanding nurse who has forever changed my life. Almost 2 years ago, I lost my beloved Mom in an unexpected way. This was a horrible tragedy for my family and a complete shock. The day before my Mom passed away, Jayci was my Mom's nurse. My Mom was a little confused that day and had made comments mixing up the words Qtips and toothpicks and she kept talking about the milk in the fridge and how I should take it home. We shared a lot of laughs with her and my Mom loved her as a nurse. She was very smart, she educated us although my sister and I are nurses, but most of all she had this heart of gold and caring for my Mom. This made our day in the ICU better. After my Mom had passed, I went to the December CPC meeting where coincidentally, she was there and she had heard about my Mom. We hugged and instantly cried. I thanked her so much because that day with her was the last good day we had with our Mom. We were not prepared. Seeing her was the best thing and I will forever be grateful and touched by her care.

We also had a little project with the new grads where they had us write on these stones and she surprised me and wrote "Qtips and toothpicks" on the stone. I cried because she remembered that without me telling her. When we buried my Mom, we put a few Qtips and toothpicks in her casket because it was such a great last memory.

It is crazy how our lives have crossed. Now she is pregnant and I will hopefully care for her because I work on the mother baby unit. Ever since, I have watched her grow as a nurse with her CPC work, her continuing education, her Magnet presentations and etc. She is a leader and as December 3 approached it will be 2 years. I will never forget her and we both agree that our nursing care will always be different because of that. She is always in my thoughts. That is why Jayci stands out for this DAISY Award. Her heart and nursing care are out of this world and she sets a true example of excellent nursing. My Mom's passing brings such sadness but she reminds me of those amazing memories that I will cherish forever.